Kinsman-redeemer is about

*   Gods passion to redeem the descendants of Ishmael-the Muslims

*   God bringing salvation to the Muslims through the seed of Abraham

*   God redemptively pursuing the Arabian Arabs and the Muslims through the millenniums

*   God, presently, in the midst of war and unprecedented suffering is bringing about unprecedented

    salvation to the Muslims all over the world

    Kinsman-redeemer seeks-

*   To engage Muslims in meaningful conversations to understand from both the biblical and Quranic

      perspectives-God's plan of salvation for the Seed of Abraham

*    To bring Muslims into a redeeming love relationship with the God of Abraham

*    To clarify that it is not about conversion but spiritual conversation that hopefully bring salvation

       and a secure hope of eternal life in heaven

*    To form fellowships of Messianic Muslims who follow Jesus the Messiah