Kinsman-Redeemer is about


·         God’s redeeming love for the descendants of Ismail—the Ismailites

·         God of Abraham redemptively pursing the Ismailites through centuries and generations

·         God redeeming the Ishmaelites through the Seed of Abraham—Isa

·         God finally redeeming the Ismailites in their Messiah— Isa

 Kinsman-Redeemer seeks

·         To engage the Ismailites in meaningful conversation about their redemption, both from the Biblical and Qur’anic perspectives.

·         To clarify that redemption is not about conversion but conversation and dialogue

·         To share the “Good News” that God has a redemptive plan for the Ismailites in the Seed of Abraham—Isa

·         To share that God of Abraham will redemptively pursue them and finally redeem the remnant Ismailites in their Messiah—Isa.